Crows & Empathy
Sunflowers & Soil
Cellphones & Sleep
Learn how to quickly put together a powerful search. To get started, choose one of the example topics.
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crows, ravens, rooks, corvids, corvus, ….
emotions, social behavior, social intelligence, sympathy, ….
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Identify the core concepts in your question or topic.
Do crows show empathy?
Generate several related words & phrases for each core concept.
Advanced Search
Use OR to join synonyms. Use AND to join core concepts.
AND ⬇️
crow OR raven OR rook OR corvid
Use your words and phrases to construct a search in a database.
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empathy OR emotion OR social intelligence
Your Favorite Database
empath* OR emotion* OR "social intelligence"
crow* OR raven* OR rook* OR corv*
Use * to find multiple endings (e.g., emotion* finds emotion, emotions, emotional, …)
Use “quotes” to find entire phrases.
Next, take a look at an example search in the database Web of Science.
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Icons (cc) the Noun Project: Raven by Botho WillerSUnflowers by  Laymik
  • faucet water by BomSymbol
  • Dream by chiara galli
  • Smartphone by João Gabriel Mendes Corrêa
  • sunflower:
    organic fertilizers:
    helianthus, sun flower
    Look at this example, and then give it a try for your topic! When you're ready, click next.
    compost, biofertilizer,  biomass, biochar, vermicomposting, ….
    How do organic fertilizers influence sunflower growth?
    germination, fertility, yield, crop production, ….
    organic fertilizer OR compost OR biofertilizer
    germination OR fertility OR crop production
    sunflower OR helianthus
    sunflower OR "sun flower" OR helianthus
    "organic fertili*" OR compost* OR biofertili*
    Next, take a look at an example search in the database Ecology Abstracts.
    germinat* OR fertility OR "crop production"
    Try your own search in Web of Science or another database.
    Ready to give it a try? Open up your favorite database.Try a series of searches on your topic.Experiment with using AND, OR, *, and "quotes" in your searches.
    Example search in Web of Science:
    Example search in Ecology Abstracts:
    Try your own search in Ecology Abstracts or another database.