Getting Started with Engineering Research UCLA

Created by Shushanik Stepanyan, Kian Ravaei, Juan Díaz

Walk through the process of researching, from brainstorming to distinguishing appropriate sources, specifically for technical and engineering topics!

Getting Started: Organized Brainstorming

Before you can start researching, you have to figure out what you're looking for! Learn how to map out your ideas and questions to help you find the perfect sources for you.

Getting Started: Constructing Effective Searches

For when it seems like you just can't get to the sources you need, this tutorial will help you get going in the right direction. Learn how to use boolean search terms and related keywords to construct effective searches!

Researching: Understanding Databases

Databases offer a vast and varying amount of sources and are an essential part of academic research. Learn how to effectively search for sources within databases with this tutorial!

Researching: Navigating the Melvyl Catalog

Why limit your researching to only the books your particular school has to offer? Learn how to use the Melvyl catalog and request books from other libraries with this helpful tutorial!

Researching: Finding Primary Sources through Newspaper Archives

By expanding your research and finding primary sources, you can get a better understanding of your topic. Learn how to find newspaper archives with this tutorial!

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Shushanik Stepanyan, Kian Ravaei, Juan Díaz


UCLA Powell Library

Learning Outcomes

  • Create a concrete plan with the first steps for getting involved in research
  • Narrow (and broaden) research questions using a variety of strategies (e.g., social issues, economic issues,political issues, scientific/technological issues)
  • Brainstorm effective keywords and search terms
  • Strategize effective searches in databases and the Melvyl Catalog
  • Find Primary Sources through Newspaper Archives

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