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What is C.R.E.A.T.E.S.?

The C.R.E.A.T.E.S. method is a set of 6 steps that help you read, analyze, and understand the narrative of scientific papers. Scroll down for instructions, FAQs, and more information, or click the button below to get started!

Instructions How to use the C.R.E.A.T.E.S. site

CREATES acronym. Concept map the introduction. Read and annotate the methods and results. Elucidate the hypothesis for each experiment. Analyze and interpret the data. Think of the next Experiment. Synthesize the entire paper to illustrate the scientific narrative.
  1. Choose any primary scientific journal article.
  2. Start at C and go in order (or, choose one letter to focus on).
  3. Read the entire webpage.
    • Steps: Specific, concrete steps to follow for each letter.
    • Examples: Real student examples with real instructor feedback.
    • Tips: Additional tips, strategies, and quotes, plus a checklist to track your progress.
  4. Give it a try!
  5. Advance to the next letter!

FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions

Should I do all the letters in order?

We recommend that you follow the letters in order to gain a complete understanding of the article. However, you are welcome to focus on a single step if it suits your needs.

Can I choose articles from any discipline?

The C.R.E.A.T.E.S. process works for most academic articles in any scientific discipline, including social science papers with quantitative methods.

How long does it take to complete each letter?

Completing each letter can take anywhere from 1-3 hours, so pace yourself!

Where can I find the links to the articles in the examples?

Click the plus (+) icon in the lower right corner of each example for a link to the article.

About Credits & Resources

The CREATE process was developed and assessed by Dr. Sally Hoskins, The City College of New York, Biology Department.

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Pedagogy Lead & Instructional Material: Dr. Jordan Moberg Parker

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