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Featured Tutorials

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    Creating Literature Reviews

    Demystify the ever mysterious literature review!

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    Expanding Perspectives in Your Search

    Move past your initial search to expand your perspectives on your topic.

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    Primary and Secondary Sources

    How to tell the difference between primary and secondary sources.

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    A set of 6 steps to help you read, analyze, and understand the narrative of scientific papers.

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    Reading Pedigrees

    An interactive tutorial on how to read and analyze pedigrees!

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    Genetic Drift: Founder Effect vs. Bottleneck

    An interactive tutorial on the two modes of Genetic Drift!

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    What is Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium?

    An interactive tutorial on how to know when a population is in Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium!

  • Featured Workshops

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    Getting Started with Research at UCLA

    Looking to get involved with research at UCLA? In this workshop, you'll meet five UCLA Undergraduate students as they explain their unique research journeys. Anyone can do research, and this workshop connects you with resources and opportunities to help you get started today!

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    Finding Sources with the UCLA Library

    Navigate your research with ease and pick out the best sources for your project! In this module, you'll explore the library research guides, learn strategies for finding the information you need, and find out about research consultations.