the words share and celebrate written next to a collection of art supplies


You have completed this mini-course on learner-led design! Congratulations!

You have accomplished quite a bit! In this course you have

  • connected key ideas in learning and teaching with your own learning experiences,
  • created a storyboard based on a personal learning narrative,
  • created a personal and a team manifesto that communicates your design values,
  • applied a learner-centered design process to explore a learning challenge,
  • articulated observable learning outcomes
  • created a paper prototype related to a learning challenge,
  • learned strategies to gather constructive and effective feedback.

Well done! It is time to celebrate with your team and share your work!

Share your top take-aways!

In the comments below, share your top-takeaways from this mini-course. What was the most valuable thing you learned? What tools and ideas will you take with you for future projects? If you would like to share a link to one of your prototypes or a picture to something you created, we would love to learn more about and celebrate your work!

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