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A quick intro to learner-centered design

Learner-centered design places learners and learning at the center of the design process. The focus is on helping learners achieve their goals, breaking down complex challenges into manageable parts, and fostering memorable, meaningful, and transformative learning.

This mini-course takes a "learn-by-doing" approach to learner-centered design by providing you and your team with a quick and practical design process and toolkit.

You'll start by creating an empathy map to help you center your design around learners and their goals. From there, you and your team will develop and refine learning outcomes, and start prototyping!

An example project board from a learner-centered design process:
A learner-centered design project board featuring empathy mapping, journey mapping, and rapid prototyping.

This photo of a project board illustrates several stages of a learner-centered design process from empathy mapping to rapid-prototyping.

Ready to get started? Let's go!

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