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In this mini-course you will explore learner-centered design by completing a series of practical, creative, and hands-on activities. Along the way, you will write about and discuss your learning experiences, reflect on key ideas in teaching and learning, and roll your sleeves up to start creating storyboards and prototypes.

What will we learn?

As you actively engage with the activities in this mini-course, you will strengthen your ability to:

  • Relate key ideas in learning, teaching, and design to your own personal experiences
  • Map out the challenges, breakthroughs, and outcomes in a learning process
  • Center your designs around learners and the learning process

As you learn, you and your team will also create a design manifesto and turn your design ideas into storyboards and prototypes.

Who should take this course?

This course was designed with three main audiences in mind:

  • Learners and teachers - If you are new to creating lesson plans, instructional materials, or online learning experiences - this mini-course is for you! It is also helpful for experienced teachers and educators that would like to take a more learner-centered approach or explore the role of a design process in teaching and learning. As you take the course, you'll want to pay particular attention to the activities labeled Design for Learning.
  • UX Designers - Want to do User Experience (UX) design for education? This mini-course is for you too! As you work through the mini-course watch for the activities labeled Design for UX.
This mini-course was created with small teams in mind, and as such many of the activities involve talking and collaborating with other team members. While you can take the course as an individual, it is more fun, and more effective, to take it with at least one other person.

How long will it take?

Each module of the mini-course should take about 90 minutes, but could take longer, depending on how deep you dive into the discussion, and how involved you get in the creative process.

Who created this mini-course?

This mini-course is based on the foundational training for WI+RE, a learner-led design team at UCLA. The initial version of the training was created by Doug Worsham and Shannon Roux. Each cohort of learners that have taken the training have further developed and improved it as well. For a full list of contributors, see our credits page.

Thinking about taking this course?

If you are thinking about taking this course, say hi in the comments below! Feel free to introduce yourself and let us know your goals and hopes for this learning experience! Also, let us know if you have any questions as you get started!

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