How to Navigate Retaking a Course

Created by Cymfenee Dean-Phifer

Here is an in-depth tutorial on how to navigate retaking a course. Whether you saw this coming or were completely blindsided, this tutorial can help you prepare in the meantime to come back stronger. I hope this tutorial can give you some clarity and comfort.

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About this tutorial


Cymfenee Dean-Phifer


Renee Romero, Kian Ravaei, Jake Arakawa, Chris Lopez, Xinjian Cen, Monique Tudon, Neha Gupta

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize you're not alone and this happens more often than you think
  • Recognize that self-worth is separate from academic success
  • Determine whether they have a fixed or growth mindset
  • Identify strategies for succeeding in the course the second time and improve their understanding of the material

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