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Learner-centered design

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    The build something toolkit

    Empathy mapping, journey mapping, user feedback, and rapid-prototyping tools to help guide you through a learner-centered design process.

    All materials in this toolkit are CC BY 4.0: Brecher Cook, Dani, & Worsham, Doug. (2018, April). Let’s Build Something! (The Toolkit). A Rapid-Prototyping Instructional Design Workshop. Pre-conference workshop at the 2018 CARL Conference, Redwood City, CA.


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    Foundations in Learner-Centered Design

    An open, online mini-course based on WI+RE's foundational training in learner-centered design.

    All materials in this toolkit are CC BY 4.0: Worsham, D., & Roux, S. (2019). Foundations in Learner-Centered Design. Retrieved from https://uclalibrary.github.io/foundations

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