WI+RE's Design Tools

How do we do what we do?

Learner-centered design

  • The build something toolkit

    Empathy mapping, journey mapping, user feedback, and rapid-prototyping tools to help guide you through a learner-centered design process.

    Interested in a behind-the-scenes look at how this toolkit is used in practice? See this short video on "The Making of WI+RE's Wheel of Sources."

    All materials in this toolkit are CC BY 4.0: Brecher Cook, Dani, & Worsham, Doug. (2018, April). Let’s Build Something! (The Toolkit). A Rapid-Prototyping Instructional Design Workshop. Pre-conference workshop at the 2018 CARL Conference, Redwood City, CA.


  • Foundations in Learner-Centered Design

    An open, online mini-course based on WI+RE's foundational training in learner-centered design.

    All materials in this toolkit are CC BY 4.0: Worsham, D., & Roux, S. (2019). Foundations in Learner-Centered Design.

  • Foundations in Learner-Centered Design: Paper Prototyping, Creating Interactive Content, and Gathering Feedback

    A quick tutorial that guides you through the final steps of WI+RE's foundational training in learner-centered design.

Interactive posters

  • Interactive poster toolkit

    Turn static library marketing posters into engaging conversations with this interactive poster series toolkit. The toolkit contains everything you need to make your own interactive poster series, including tips and template files.

WI+RE's manifesto

  • The WI+RE Way

    The guiding principles behind WI+RE's approach to learner-centered design.