WI+RE's Manifesto

The WI+RE Way

The WI+RE Way

WI+RE's shared values guide our collaborative approach to learning and design. In our work we strive to:

Foster memorable, meaningful, and transformative learning through learner-led design.

We believe learning is most compelling when learners are leaders, designers, and co-creators of their learning experiences.

Build imperfect solutions quickly and on purpose.

Rapidly creating publishable prototypes is more useful (and more fun) than striving for perfection.

Be quick and practical.

Everyone’s got stuff to do, so let’s get right to it.

Reveal hidden challenges and expedite breakthroughs.

Sometimes the syllabus doesn’t say it all. We try to make hidden challenges easier to see by breaking down the research and writing process into manageable tasks.

Experiment with what we have on hand.

We explore & implement DIY approaches to learning design and media making. We tinker, try new things, and explore. We use tools and try out processes we have never used before, and frequently make it up as we go.

Pursue universal design at every stage of the process.

Accessibility and usability are not checkboxes at the end of a project, but areas of continual importance that can always be improved.

Design multiple pathways for learning.

Learning happens in many formats, from videos and animations to printable handouts and interactive exhibits. When we create something that seems to be helpful in one format, we try to adapt it to work in another.

Speak with our own voices.

We’re learners, not voice actors. We avoid “tutorial voice” and instead share our work in our own varied voices.

Celebrate our diverse communities.

We celebrate the diversity of our communities through positive, inclusive, and relevant pedagogy.

Collaborate creatively.

We use a rich and growing toolkit of design tools to collaborate and partner with learners, researchers, librarians, and teachers throughout the creative process.

Share our work and engage with the world

Our work is open source and can be shared, re-used, and re-mixed. In each of our projects we seek to make a difference for learners, researchers, and writers.