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Creative Team

  • Chris's profile


    Public Services Assistant for Young Research Library’s Humanities and Social Sciences Division

    Chris Lopez is a Public Services assistant at UCLA Library embedded in the Young Research Library. Chris serves as a Library website editor and works on a team designed to support and innovate Research services. Chris loves exploring multimodal avenues for teaching and learning so that all can participate in learning process.

  • Cymfenee's profile


    Cymfenee is a fourth year Computational and Systems Biology major with a concentration in Bioinformatics. She was a learning assistant for Life Sciences 7B - Genetics, Evolution, and Ecology from three quarters before joining the WI+RE team. Cymfenee is passionate about researching and creating equitable learner-centered practices and the accessibility of those practices.

  • Doug's profile


    Science Librarian & WI+RE Co-Founder

    Doug Worsham is a Science Librarian and a co-founder and community organizer for WI+RE. With a background in instructional design and student-centered pedagogy, Doug is passionately interested in how learners work together to build knowledge.

  • Hannah's profile


    Instructional Design Technology Consultant

    Hannah Sutherland (she/her) is the Instructional Design and Technology Consultant for Arts, Music, and Powell libraries as well as a member of the Teaching and Learning team at the UCLA Library. She is particularly passionate about scalable and accessible online pedagogy.

  • Jake's profile


    Jake is a fourth year Marine Biology major. Building off of his work as an undergraduate learning assistant, he believes that all students should have inclusive, accessible learning resources, and is passionate about helping to prepare students for success during college.

  • Kaitlin's profile


    Kaitlin is an undergraduate Public Affairs major with minors in Environmental Systems and Society as well as Asian American studies.

  • Kian's profile



    Kian is an undergraduate Music Composition major. He strives to help learners achieve their learning goals through empathy, honesty, and purposeful design.

  • Renee's profile


    Science Librarian & WI+RE Co-Founder

    Renee Romero is a Sciences Librarian at UCLA Library, and one of the founders of WI+RE. She works on outreach initiatives, and serves as a liaison to the science and engineering community and the Interracial Dynamics Cluster. Renee enjoys devising practical steps to reach theoretical ideals, and critically examining the ways we think, learn, and teach.

  • Salma's profile


    Research and Instruction Librarian (Online Learning & Scalable Teaching)

    Salma Abumeeiz is a Research and Instruction Librarian at the Powell Library with a focus area of online learning at scalable teaching. She supports learners across a variety of disciplines, and also serves as a liaison to the Academic Advancement Program. Salma is passionate about learner-centered design and inclusive pedagogy.

  • Sarah's profile


    Sarah Phan is an undergraduate majoring in Biochemistry. She is interested in creating innovative learning resources that inspire students and improve their learning experience. She hopes to contribute her work to establishing an inclusive and collaborative classroom environment at UCLA.


  • April's profile



    April is an undergraduate pursuing a major in Computational and Systems Biology, along with a minor in Environmental Engineering. She hopes to create effective and understandable material, with consideration of inclusive design.

  • Caitlin's profile



    Caitlin worked with WI+RE during her Master of Library & Information Science program, focusing on tutorials about citation management and literature reviews. She presented on WI+RE's process at Code4Lib 2017 and co-authored a forthcoming book chapter on the WI+RE way. After graduation, Caitlin moved to New England to be a Research & Education Librarian at Yale. She now runs the general education program at the medical library, teaches research skills in the curriculum for MD and PA students, and coordinates the personal librarian program.

  • Giselle's profile



    Giselle Burns is an undergraduate Psychology major. She enjoys learning about learning, and hopes to inspire others to do the same.

  • Jen's profile



    Jen is a PhD candidate in the department of Information Studies. She researches how youth use social media for social support, and is highly enthusiastic about technology-faciliated commmunity engagement. At WI+RE she was the lead instructional designer of the resarch process interactive poster survey series, where she and other WI+RE members collected data about UCLA students' research processes and recommended library services to help navigate it. She also worked on the Wheel of Sources project, and is currently working with WI+RE members on a forthcoming chapter on student engagement in libraries.

  • Juan's profile



    Juan is an undergraduate studying Economics and Film. He is interested in creating impactful visually interesting learning materials.

  • Royson's profile



    Royson is an undergraduate majoring in Cognitive Science with the Specialization in Computing. He looks forward to designing accessible, universal tools to help learners and researchers achieve their goals.

  • Shannon's profile



    Shannon worked with the WI+RE Team for two years, right as the project was getting started. Through WI+RE she was able to explore and build a variety of new skills like html coding on the WI+RE website, video editing on projects such as “Reading Strategies,” and simple animation like in “Expanding Perspectives.” Most of all Shannon took away a passion for the collaborative design process and for instructional design. Shannon is currently using and building this passion as a 3-4th grade special education teacher in Chicago.

  • Taylor's profile



    Taylor is an undergraduate studying English and Creative Writing. She is one of WI+RE's original instructional design assistants. Her interests are in diverse learning perspectives, practices, and pedagogy. She also manages WI+RE's social media, sharing the team's work both in person and online.

  • Xinyi(Alex)'s profile



    Xinyi was an undergraduate double majoring in Biology and Applied Math. At WI+RE, She combined design and pedagogy to make resources on research and learning more accessible to UCLA students. Currently, Xinyi is starting a PhD program at UT Austin and will continue to devote to her passion in research and education.