Breaking Down Your Prompt

Created by Chris Lopez, Kian Ravaei, Doug Worsham
Screenshot of Breaking Down Your Prompt Google Doc.

This fillable Google Doc helps you break down any prompt into its main tasks and requirements, list helpful resources and readings, and brainstorm ideas for answering the prompt. Make a copy and use it as many times as you need!

Breaking Down Your Prompt

An accessible PDF version of this tutorial is also available.

About this tutorial

Awards and Recognition


Chris Lopez, Kian Ravaei, Doug Worsham


Salma Abumeeiz, Hannah Sutherland, Alicia Reiley, Powell Library Embedded Inquiry Specialists

Learning Outcomes

  • Break down a prompt into the main tasks and requirements
  • List resources and readings that will be helpful for answering the prompt
  • Brainstorm ideas for the answering the prompt

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