Remote Study Strategies: The Pomodoro Technique

Created by Jake Arakawa

As we shift towards remote learning and working from home, it is important to avoid burnout and stay on task! Remote Study Strategies: The Pomodoro Technique is an interactive presentation that walks students through the Pomodoro Technique, a productivity strategy that is useful for studying. This tutorial gives background on the technique, and provides tips from our team that we find useful to enhance our work process.

Note: Throughout the tutorial, audio clips from WI+RE team members are available to walk you through the slides and provide you with additional information. To play these clips, look for an audio button found in the slides.

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About this tutorial


Jake Arakawa


Chris Lopez, Kian Ravaei, Doug Worsham, Cymfenee Dean-Phifer, Sarah Phan, Neha Gupta

Learning Outcomes

  • Confidently complete work using the Pomodoro Technique
  • Develop a personalized study plan that works for you
  • Assess if the Pomodoro technique is right for you
  • Adapt the Pomodoro Technique for your specific needs

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