Foundations in Learner-Centered Design - Growth Mindset

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Here are some articles & other media resources on Growth Mindset, to be incorportated into the Foundations tutorial in the future.

Carol Dweck's talk on Teaching a Growth Mindset

by Stanford University

Dr. Carol Dweck, the founder of Mindset Theory, explains the definitions of Fixed vs Growth Mindset and presents her study on how to develop Growth Mindset.

History and summary of Mindset study

by Mindset Works

This website summarizes Dr. Dweck and collegues' research and the development of Mindset Theory.

Quotes on Growth Mindset

from Dweck's talk and articles

Students can have different perspectives on their intelligence, talents, and abilities. When they are in more of a fixed mindset, they believe their talents and abilities are just these fixed traits. They have a certain amount and that's it. This makes them afraid of learning. They are so worried about looking smart and not looking dumb that they back off from challenging learning, but when they are more of a growth mindset, they can forget about smart and dumb; they can focus on developing their abilities. As a result, they take on challenges, they are more resilient in the face of setbacks, and they learn more.

—Carol Dweck, Teaching a Growth Mindset

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