What is Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium?

Created by Cymfenee Dean-Phifer

Here is an interactive tutorial on Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium! This tutorial was designed for anyone who needs some extra help with connecting the conceptual and mathematical components of Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium. I hope you enjoy and learn something new!

About this tutorial


Cymfenee Dean-Phifer


Doug Worsham, Renee Romero, Kian Ravaei, Jake Arakawa, Chris Lopez, Xinjian Cen

Learning Outcomes

  • Recall the five assumptions of Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
  • Examine whether or not a population has undergone evolution
  • Determine allele frequencies in a population given phenotypic or genotypic data
  • Calculate genotype frequencies given the allele frequencies and vice versa

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