Interactive workshops to guide you through the research and writing process.

Cornerstone Research Workshops

Looking to get involved with research at UCLA? In this workshop, you'll meet five UCLA Undergraduate students as they explain their unique research journeys. Anyone can do research, and this workshop connects you with resources and opportunities to help you get started today!

Navigate your research with ease and pick out the best sources for your project! In this module, you'll explore the library research guides, learn strategies for finding the information you need, and find out about research consultations.

In this activity, you will be asked to think about your research topic or question and come up with a few concrete project goals. Then, you will learn more about the research process, what challenges and successes are to come, and several strategies to tackle your tasks!

Keeping track of all your sources can be frustrating and overwhelming—but with a little bit of organization, managing sources can be a breeze! In this activity, you will learn how to auto-generate your bibliography in virtually any citation style, keep track of your sources, and more! This workshop will show you how Zotero can help save and organize your research sources.

You've spent weeks, months, and maybe even years working on a research project that you're proud of. Now you will need to present your research and its significance in a concise manner. You will learn how to share your research in two formats: the research abstract, and the elevator speech.

Avoiding plagiarism can be more tricky than it seems at first glance. Complete this activity to learn strategies for avoiding plagiarism.

Writing a literature review can seem like a daunting task. Complete this activity to learn strategies for writing a literature review!

In these activities, you will learn strategies for generating research questions and turning those questions into keywords. Coming up with keywords will help you craft more effective searches!

Entering Research Workshops

Anyone can get started with research—all it takes is some curiosity and persistence! This quick workshop will help you get started.

Before getting started with research, it's important to know the difference between faculty- and student-led projects, as well as how to earn course credit for your research.

Once you've decided to do research, the next step is to make a list of research opportunities that interest you!

Coming up with a research question is essential for any research! Whether you're joining a faculty-led group or initiating an independent research project, research questions will be central to your work.

When it comes to research, a little planning goes a long way. We’ll go over how to come up with a research plan and start a research notebook!

Helpful resources and a solid methodology can be key to a successful research project. We'll show you some tips for finding relevant resources, and guide you through the beginning stages of developing your methodology.