Annotated Bibliographies

Created by Chris Lopez, Kian Ravaei

As annotated bibliographies (AB) become more commonly assigned, it is important to not only know what they are, but why they are important. Annotated Bibliographies is an interactive webcomic that walks students through the reasons why their instructor would assign an AB and explains several types of ABs that a student might be asked to create.

Note: a transcript for each slide can be located at the bottom left of each slide. Click the button to preview transcript of slide for description of art in each panel and the script of tutorial guide.

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About this tutorial

Awards and Recognition


Chris Lopez, Kian Ravaei


Hannah Sutherland, Doug Worsham, Salma Abumeeiz, Renee Romero

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify components of an annotated bibliography
  • List reasons for making an annotated bibliography
  • Define four types of annotations