Expanding Perspectives in Your Search

Created by Shannon Roux, Taylor Harper, Kian Ravaei, Jeannie Chen

This tutorial challenges researchers and students to actively seek sources that push outside of their starting perspective. With a more balanced survey of the literature, you will be able to refine and hone your research question within the context of the broader research.

Next steps

Once you have chosen a few areas to actively expand your perspective, you will need to make important decions about what to include and exclude from your search.

Be sure to refer to your assignment guidelines as to what types of sources are appropriate and how much evidence you are expected to provide. If you are not working inside an assignment for a class, try looking at a few articles in your discipline to see what types of sources they include and what the conventions of the field are!

Good Luck!

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About this tutorial

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Shannon Roux, Taylor Harper, Kian Ravaei, Jeannie Chen


Whitney Arnold, Joanna Chen Cham, Julia Glassman, Janet Goins, Leigh Harris, Kelly Kistner, Simon Lee, Nisha Mody, Renee Romero, Annelie Rugg, Doug Worsham

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify sources outside of starting perspective
  • Develop refined research questions
  • Prioritize what resources to include in assignment

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