Getting Started with Research at UCLA

Created by Taylor Harper, Shannon Roux

Looking to get involved in research at UCLA? Meet five UCLA Undergraduate students as they explain their unique research journeys. Anyone can do research, and UCLA has the resources to help you get started today!


Check out the Undergraduate Research Center for the Humanities, Arts and Social sciences.

Check out the Undergraduate Research Center for the Sciences.

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Taylor Harper, Shannon Roux


Doug Worsham, Tony Aponte, Whitney Arnold, Joanna Chen Cham, Elizabeth Cheney, Julia Glassman, Janet Goins, Leigh Harris, Courtney Hoffner, Kelly Kistner, Simon Lee, Amy Liu, Caitlin Meyer, Nisha Mody, Renee Romero, Annelie Rugg, Shushanik Stepanyan, Mary Tran

Learning Outcomes

  • Brainstorm research projects
  • Articulate the benefits of research
  • Identify undergraduate research opportunities and resources at UCLA

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