Finding Scholarly Articles

Created by Taylor Harper, Shannon Roux

Ready to get the most out of your article search? This tutorial will help you successfully navigate search filters, construct effective searches, and download the full texts of your articles!

Give it a try:

Visit your favorite database, or, and get searching! Use the tips you learned in the video to make sure that your search is neither too broad nor too narrow!


  • Use synonyms to broaden your search.
  • Use search filters and sorting options to narrow your search.
  • Use opposite search terms to find out if some authors have found conflicting results.
  • For more help on turning your questions into keywords, see our workshop on Developing Research Questions and Creating Keywords

About this tutorial

Awards and Recognition


Taylor Harper, Shannon Roux


Whitney Arnold, Joanna Chen Cham, Julia Glassman, Janet Goins, Leigh Harris, Kelly Kistner, Simon Lee, Nisha Mody, Renee Romero, Annelie Rugg, Doug Worsham

Learning Outcomes

  • Navigate search filters
  • Construct effective searches
  • Locate full texts of articles

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