Offer your own Workshop Series on Learner-Centered Design and Rapid Prototyping

Posted by Doug Worsham

Want to offer your own workshop series on learner-centered design and rapid prototyping? Here's our complete toolkit of slides and activities you can use to host your own hands-on intro sessions and quickly launch learner-centered design projects.

Note: This workshop series was first offered as a series of 3 synchronous zoom workshops open to all UCLA Library staff in March, 2020. It includes time in the first workshop to establish shared best practices for remote learning and makes extensive use of breakout rooms for group collaboration.

Learner-Centered Design & Rapid Prototyping Workshop Series

Course Goals

  • Provide a rapid introduction to learner-centered design, rapid prototyping, and creating instructional resources.
  • Quickly generate a large set of instructional resource prototypes following best practices in learner-centered design.
  • Foster communities and cohorts who collaborate on the development of instructional resources together.

Who can take this course?

This course is open for all and was designed as an introduction. No pre-requite skills or knowledge required!

Time Commitment

Participants in this mini-course should plan for 7-9 hours of active engagement to include 4.5 hours of interactive, synchronous workshops and 2-3 hours of individual, asynchronous project work.

Customizing this course

Feel free to adapt and customize these materials to work for your own context! For example, you may want to offer this as a one-day in service, or as a longer series of shorter meetings. Go for it!

All materials are Creative Commons licensed as Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike to encourage sharing and adaption! When using or adapting these materials, please cite this course as:

Worsham, D., Lopez, C., Sutherland,H., Ravaei, K., Romero, R., Abumeeiz, S. Learner-Centered Design & Rapid Prototyping Mini-Course. (2020).

Workshop Slides

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Interested in more than an intro?

Check out Foundations in Learner-Centered Design, a free and fully open online mini-course, as well as WI+RE's growing toolkit of open materials on design for learning.