The Making of Breaking Down Your Prompt

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Breaking Down Your Prompt is a fillable Google Doc that helps you break down any prompt into its main tasks and requirements, list helpful resources and readings, and brainstorm ideas for answering the prompt.


The aim of this project was to adapt a previously created WI+RE resource on breaking down your writing assignment, created by Doug with the help of Powell Library Cluster Embedded Inquiry Specialists.

The original version of the activity outlined several ways to analyze a writing prompt.


We began by inferring learning outcomes from the original resource. After making empathy and learning journey maps from the Build Something Toolkit, we decided to make a few revisions to the learning outcomes. This is what we settled on:

  • Break down a prompt into the main tasks and requirements
  • List resources and readings that will be helpful for answering the prompt
  • Brainstorm ideas for the answering the prompt

Next, we made several paper prototypes.

A hand-drawn sketch of the first paper prototype.
A second paper prototype further developed these ideas.
The final paper prototype for Breaking Down Your Prompt, bringing together the ideas generated throughout the process and simplifying the layout.

Digital Prototyping

The final step was to create a digital prototype with Google Docs, and make an accessible PDF version that also works as a printable handout.

The accessible PDF version of Breaking Down Your Prompt.

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