WI+RE goes to the 2019 Powell Society Dinner!

Posted by Kian Ravaei

On March 27, 2019, members of the WI+RE creative team spent an evening engaging with members of the Powell Society at the Powell Society Dinner. This is an event where library patrons come together to learn about library resources that have been supported by their contributions. Check out this video recap of the event! (That’s us in the thumbnail!)

The WI+RE team was stationed at a table called “Students in the Lead: The Impact of UCLA Library Employment,” which featured student employees in the UCLA Library who have benefited from the skills they nurtured throughout the course of their employment. We had a great time talking to patrons about our experience creating instructional materials and the skill-sets we’ve developed as a result. Patrons were able to experience our resources firsthand by playing Wheel of Sources, our interactive video on primary and secondary sources.

You can take a look at our slideshow featuring student leaders in the UCLA Library below:

Overall, the Powell Society Dinner was a wonderful opportunity for us to share our resources with supporters of the library (and to stuff our faces with delicious pie). We look forward to attending next year!

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