Providing Research Help - Video Series

Posted by Kian Ravaei

Over the course of August 2018, the WI+RE team collaborated with librarians and student employees to produce a series of training videos for inquiry specialists in the UCLA Library. Inquiry specialists are student employees who help library patrons with a number of research-related tasks, including turning research questions into keywords, searching for articles in library databases, and finding books in the library.

The series consists of three videos that provide examples of inquiry specialists assisting library patrons with their research needs. The first video is an example of a negative interaction, the second video portrays a passable interaction, and the third is an example of a superb interaction. Click the tabs below to watch the videos!

Members of the WI+RE team were involved in every step of the process. We collaborated on the script and storyboard, filmed the video, and edited the final product. Here are some photos of the team in action on the day of the shoot.

Producing this project was a blast, and we hope that future inquiry specialists will find these videos helpful!

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