Bruin Bear

Hey there, Bruins!

We're WI+RE (Writing Instruction + Research Education), a UCLA community focused on helping all learners succeed in their writing and research projects.


We make quick and practical research and writing tips.

The WI+RE team develops and continually improves a toolbox of open-access online learning modules that can be used by both instructors and students.

In each of our projects we strive to:

  • Help learners and researchers move their projects forward and critically engage with their work.
  • Provide teachers with well-designed instructional materials that can be easily included in their courses as required, extra-credit, or optional assignments.
  • Communicate the range of research and writing support available on campus.
  • Foster inclusive excellence, with a focus on addressing the sometimes hidden challenges in research, reading, and writing tasks.

We're learners, too.

As a group of students, teachers, librarians, and academic support staff across the UCLA campus, we're constantly exploring new approaches to teaching and learning online.

Our partners include the Center for Digital Humanities, UCLA Library, the Undergraduate Research Centers, and Writing Programs.

Let us know your thoughts, questions, feedback, and ideas for future projects!


We share!

As strong believers in open educational resources, all of our code is open source, and our tips can be shared, re-used, and re-mixed under creative commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

This site is built in Jekyll hosted on github and themed with a jekyll version of the fun and amazing materializecss framework.

Want to collaborate? We would too! Check out our code repository on github and let us know your ideas!