Bruin Bear

Hey there, Bruins!

We're WI+RE (Writing Instruction + Research Education), a UCLA community focused on helping all learners succeed in their writing and research projects.


We make quick and practical research and writing tips.

The WI+RE team develops and continually improves a toolbox of open-access online learning modules that can be used by both instructors and students.

In each of our projects we strive to:

  • Help learners and researchers move their projects forward and critically engage with their work.
  • Provide teachers with well-designed instructional materials that can be easily included in their courses as required, extra-credit, or optional assignments.
  • Communicate the range of research and writing support available on campus.
  • Foster inclusive excellence, with a focus on addressing the sometimes hidden challenges in research, reading, and writing tasks.

We're learners, too.

As a group of students, teachers, librarians, and academic support staff across the UCLA campus, we're constantly exploring new approaches to teaching and learning online.

Our partners include the Center for Digital Humanities, UCLA Library, the Undergraduate Research Centers, and Writing Programs.

Let us know your thoughts, questions, feedback, and ideas for future projects!


Meet the creative team.

Click on a WI+RE team member to watch a short video about one of their most impactful learning experiences.

  • April's profile picture

    April is an undergraduate Computational and Systems Biology student, and is interested in the role and effectiveness of supplementary educational material across different fields of study.

  • Emily's profile picture

    Emily is an undergraduate majoring in Economics and Cognitive Science. She is excited to work with a group of problem-solvers to come up with creative educational strategies involving digital media.

  • Jeannie's profile picture

    Jeannie is a Master's candidate in the UCLA Library & Information Studies Program, and is interested in learner-centered library services and instructional design for diverse communities.

  • Jen's profile picture

    Jen is a doctoral student in the department of Information Studies. She researches how youth use social media for social support, and is highly enthusiastic about technology-facilitated community enagagement. She hopes to explore new ways to connect and grow learning communities through both offline and online means with WI+RE.

  • Juan's profile picture

    Juan is an international student from Colombia. As he helps other learners, he wants to improve his writing, research, communication, and design skills while working at WI+RE, and is very interested in the impact digital aid can have on learning.

  • Kian's profile picture

    Kian is an undergraduate Philosophy and Music Composition student who is fascinated by the potential for digital media to serve as an aid for learning.

  • Sophia's profile picture

    Sophia is an undergraduate Business Economics student who is passionate about purposeful content creation and design.

  • Taylor's profile picture

    Taylor is a junior majoring in English and concentrating in Creative Writing. She is interested in literature, film, and theory. Her goal is to create meaningful, memorable learning tools and resources that build writing foundations and provide on-going support for all learners. She also really, really loves cats.


What are WI+RE alums doing now?

Check out what past members of the WI+RE team are currently up to.

  • Caitlin's profile picture

    Caitlin runs the medical library education program (in-person and online) and teaches in the School of Medicine at Yale.

  • Mary's profile picture

    Mary provides support to UCLA Law faculty with their coursework, research, and event coordination. She recently helped organize a two-day conference for experts in AI.

  • Shannon's profile picture

    Shannon teaches special education through Teach for America in Chicago.


We share!

As strong believers in open educational resources, all of our code is open source, and our tips can be shared, re-used, and re-mixed under creative commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

This site is built in Jekyll hosted on github and themed with a jekyll version of the fun and amazing materializecss framework.

Want to collaborate? We would too! Check out our code repository on github and let us know your ideas!