Breaking Down Academic Articles

Created by Chris Lopez

Few of us can recall every detail and argument from academic articles - they’re packed with so much information! It’s best to create reading strategies that help you focus on comprehending the most essential elements of an academic article. Breaking Down Academic Articles is a webcomic tutorial that walks you through the most important aspects of an academic article, to help you prepare for class discussion on the article(s) or take away essential information from the article to support future research.

Note: a transcript for each slide can be located at the bottom of each slide. Click the button to preview transcript of slide for description of art in each panel and the script of tutorial guide.

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Chris Lopez


Kian Ravaei, Xinyi(Alex) Yan, Hannah Sutherland, Salma Abumeeiz, Renee Romero, Doug Worsham

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify key aspects of an academic article
  • Support future research endeavors
  • Prepare to discuss articles in class

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