Graduate School 101

Created by Xinjian Cen, Kaitlin Alcontin

This choose-your-own-adventure tutorial will help you explore different options for applying and attending a graduate school program.

About this tutorial


Xinjian Cen, Kaitlin Alcontin


Neha Gupta, Abigail Holder, Renee Romero, Hannah Sutherland

Learning Outcomes

  • Part 1 Deciding Whether or Not to Go - Differentiate between different types of graduate and professional programs - Compare the various reasons why people choose to go to grad school and possible paths (straight through vs. gap) - List questions to ask yourself when deciding if grad school is the right path for you
  • Part 2 Preparing during Undergrad - Conducting informational interviews - Office hours & networking with professors - Constructing a long term prep plan that works for you
  • Part 3 Assembling Application Materials - Deciding where to apply - Putting together your application package - List strategies for navigating imposter syndrome & self doubt

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