Libraries on all 10 University of California campuses are now connected through UC Library Search, a unified discovery and borrowing system. Watch this video to learn more about this new discovery tool!

About this tutorial


Salma Abumeeiz, Kaitlin Alcontin, Xinjian Cen, Neha Gupta, Matt Johnson, Chris Lopez, Kian Ravaei, Renee Romero, Hannah Sutherland, Monique Tudon


Learning Outcomes

  • Articulate the resources and locations that the UC Library Search is capable of searching
  • Identify the location of the UC Library Search bar
  • Differentiate between the UC Library Search search scopes
  • Identify the location of the search filters
  • Identify the locations of Holding information, Interlibrary Loan, Permalink, Create Citation, and Subject Headings in the catalog record
  • Identify the location of the 24/7 Ask a Librarian widget