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Caitlin Meyer

Learner-Designer, 2016 - 2017

Caitlin worked with WI+RE during her Master of Library & Information Science program, focusing on tutorials about citation management and literature reviews. She presented on WI+RE's process at Code4Lib 2017 and co-authored a book chapter on the WI+RE way. After graduation, Caitlin moved to New England to be a Research & Education Librarian at Yale. She now runs the general education program at the medical library, teaches research skills in the curriculum for MD and PA students, and coordinates the personal librarian program.

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1 Workshops: Writing a Literature Review Accepted to the PRIMO database of Peer reviewed materials online Featured as a PRIMO site of the month 5-star editor review on |

6 Tutorials: Turn Questions into Keywords | Research Paper Planner | Deconstructing the Elevator Speech | Research Abstracts | Getting Started with Research at UCLA Winner of the ARLies award for Best Reflection of Diversity at the 2018 ARL Film Festival | Integrating Citations |

3 Handouts: Deconstructing the Elevator Speech | Research Paper Planner | Turn Questions Into Keywords |