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Hannah Sutherland

Instructional Designer & Outreach Specialist

Hannah Sutherland (she/her) is the Instructional Designer and Outreach Specialist for Arts, Music, and Powell libraries. She also serves as a co-library liaison to the Global Islam Cluster. She is particularly passionate about critical pedagogy, Universal Design for Learning and accessible and scalable online instructional design.

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10 Tutorials: CREATES | Breaking Down Academic Articles 5-star editor review on merlot.org | Breaking Down Your Prompt 5-star editor review on merlot.org | Passive and Active Voice | Annotated Bibliographies 5-star editor review on merlot.org | Finding Images with the UCLA Library 5-star editor review on merlot.org | Primary Source Analysis | Building a CV, Resume, and Cover Letter | Graduate School 101 | WI+RE's Introduction to AI Chatbots |

3 Handouts: Breaking Down Your Prompt | How To Navigate Retaking a Course | Introduction to UC Library Search |

1 Sandbox Posts: Offer your own Workshop Series on Learner-Centered Design and Rapid Prototyping |