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Kian worked with WI+RE for over three years as an undergraduate Music Composition major at UCLA. He strives to help learners achieve their learning goals through empathy, honesty, and purposeful design.

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17 Tutorials: How to Write a Thesis Statement | Get Started with Zotero | Breaking Down Academic Articles 5-star editor review on | Using Pubmed - Intro to the Advanced Search Builder | Finding and Using Keywords in Context | Intro to Data Literacy | Remote Study Strategies: The Pomodoro Technique | Finding Images with the UCLA Library 5-star editor review on | Reading Pedigrees | Genetic Drift: Founder Effect vs. Bottleneck | Calculating Species Diversity | DNA Replication Mechanism | What is Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium? | Using Simpson's Diversity Index | How to Navigate Retaking a Course | Overcoming Writer's Block | Electron Configurations |

6 Handouts: Resources for Remote Student Success | Scholarly vs. Popular Sources 5-star editor review on | Student Success Guide on Taking an Online Course | Student Success Guide for Video Call Etiquette | Guide to Note-taking | How To Navigate Retaking a Course |

6 Sandbox Posts: Offer your own Workshop Series on Learner-Centered Design and Rapid Prototyping | Site Updates: Making our accessibility efforts more transparent | The Making of Study Tips | The Making of Using Google Scholar | eScholarship: Open Access, Easy Access | The redesigned WI+RE website! |