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Posted by Doug Worsham, Xinyi(Alex) Yan, Kian Ravaei

WI+RE has been working quickly over the past few weeks to pivot into remote collaboration and communication mode! We are up and running and ready to help.

Please let us know your thoughts on our upcoming projects and next steps. We would love to hear more about how we can help with synchronous and asynchronous remote learning. Let us know how we can help!

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How to integrate WI+RE workshops into your CCLE courses

Want to integrate WI+RE workshops directly into your own webpage or CCLE course site? No problem! You can follow this how-to guide from Humtech or contact us directly!

New website: CREATES for reading and analyzing scientific articles

WI+RE is thrilled to announce that through our collaboration with Jordan Moberg Parker, Director of Undergraduate Laboratory Curriculum and Assessment in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, we’re launching the CREATES website!

Screenshots of the CREATES site.
Introducing the new CREATES website!

C.R.E.A.T.E.S. is a set of 6 steps that help learners read and critically analyze scientific papers. The C.R.E.A.T.E.S. method, pioneered by Dr. Sally Hoskins, has a demonstrated positive impact on undergraduate students' self-confidence in scientific reading, as well as in their general perceptions of and beliefs about science and scientific thinking (Hoskins, et. al, 2017).

The new C.R.E.A.T.E.S. site uses interactive media, step-by-step directions, and detailed annotation of authentic examples to guide students through the process.

Many thanks to Dr. Jordan Moberg Parker for serving as the Pedagogy Lead on this project, for providing the initial set of instructional materials and examples of student work, and for contributing countless hours providing feedback and advice to make the project possible! BIG, big, big congratulations to Kian and Alex for building the website and creating the multimedia! And we are also very grateful to our many project contributors: Salma Abumeeiz, Giselle Burns, Juan Díaz, Taylor Harper, Royson Lin, Christopher Lopez, Renee Romero, Hannah Sutherland, and April Zhou! Thank you for all the help along the way!

New publication: The WI+RE Way

Journal of New Librarianship cover for the WI+RE Way article.
New publication: The WI+RE Way!

An article about our design manifesto! This past January, the Journal of New Librarianship published WI+RE's essay The WI+RE Way: a manifesto and a process for learner-led design.

If you're curious about values-driven design and would like to see specific examples of how the WI+RE team centers values in our design process, this is the article for you!

Congratulations to the team that co-authored this paper: Taylor Harper, Nisha Mody, Kian Ravaei, Renee Romero, and Doug Worsham!

New Workshop Series: Entering Research

WI+RE recently launched three new workshops as part of the new Entering Research Workshop series. This series of workshops comes as a result of our ongoing partnership with the Undergraduate Research Centers.

The three new workshops include essential tips on Beginning Your Research Journey, getting to know Research Logistics at UCLA, as well as a Finding a Research Mentor, which addresses what can be one of the biggest challenges with undergraduate research!

Many thanks to our co-authors on these workshops: Giselle Burns, Kian Ravaei, and Xinyi Yan!!! Thanks also to Janet Goins, Kelly Kistner, Tama Hasson, Renee Romero, Doug Worsham for extensive contributions - from the initial learning outcomes to the published workshops!

Please take a look and let us know your feedback! We are currently looking for instructors and programs that would like to integrate these workshops!

New Tutorial: Using Google Scholar

Layout of the Google Scholar Tutorial
The new Google Scholar tutorial!

WI+RE has a new tutorial on Using Google Scholar and includes topics like advanced search, quotes and exact phrases, and accessing articles.

This tutorial has already received a 5-star editoral review on MERLOT! This project was authored by Royson Lin, Kian Ravaei, and Xinyi(Alex) Yan, and made possible by the contributions of Giselle Burns, Taylor Harper, Renee Romero, and Doug Worsham.

Would you like to see more Google Scholar tips? Let us know!

Peer-Reviewed Materials

More 5-Star Reviews on MERLOT!

WI+RE is very grateful to MERLOT, one of the largest collections of online learning materials, for a series of recent editorial reviews! WI+RE now has six open electronic resources with 5-star editorial reviews in MERLOT!

Newly accepted to PRIMO

Rockstar Reviewer Logo
WI+RE's Writing a Literature Review Workshop

This January, WI+RE's online research workshop Writing a Literature Review was selected for the ALA/ACRL Instruction Section's PRIMO database of Peer-Reviewed Instructional Materials Online.

Writing a Literature Review workshop offers tips for students to recognize key components of a literature review, identify research gaps, and synthesize sources. It takes the form of interactive slides that include videos, examples, and various forms of assessments.

The project was co-authered by WI+RE's student designers Kian Ravaei and Taylor Harper, and made possible by the collaborations of contributors from across campus, including Whitney Arnold, Janet Goins, Fernando Gomez, Leigh Harris, Christine Holten, Caitlin Meyer, Nisha Mody, Shannon Roux, Doug Worsham, April Zhou, and Renee Romero. Big thanks to everyone and congratulations!

New UCLA Course: Learner-Led Design for STEM

Renee Romero and Doug Worsham are co-teaching 2 special sessions of Life Science 192E called “Learner-Led Design for STEM.” This partnership with the CEILS Learning Assistant (LA) program was created to foster the learner-led design of instructional materials based on the experiences and insights of LA’s. WI+RE is grateful to all of the LA’s that have signed up for the course and we’re looking forward to creating together!! Big thanks also to Dr. Shanna Shaked, Senior Associate Director of CEILS, for making this experiement a reality!! Thanks also to the UCLA Center for the Advancement of Teaching for funding this initiative through the Instructional Improvement Grant program!!

WI+RE Website Release: v2.1

We’ve incorporated tons of new features in this release, including:

  • Handouts are now included as embedded PDFs for improved accessibility
  • Redesigned search page - now includes giant list of content
  • Publications, presentations, awards and peer-reviews are now listed on portfolio pages
  • Dublin core metadata and Zotero support throughout the site

And more! To check out the code that runs the WI+RE site, visit our code repository on GitHub

Team member spotlight: Royson Lin

Royson Lin in a bookstore

It seems like only yesterday that Royson Lin joined the WI+RE Creative Team. Graduating this winter quarter with a major in Cognitive Science, Royson helped WI+RE on a number of projects, including a recently published Google Scholar Tutorial, which has already earned a 5-star review on MERLOT. Royson finished up his time with WI+RE by creating an awesome study tips playlist which outlines top tips on learning and memory from the field of cognitive science. It is well worth a read!

We wish Royson the best and look forward to hearing where he goes next with his creativity and design skills!

Work in progress!

Writing Tips with the Undergraduate Writing Center PLFs

We are very excited about our ongoing collaboration with the Writing Center Peer Learning Facilitators (PLFs). We’re currently working with Christine Holten, UG Writing Center Director, and the PLF team to create a series of writing tips tutorials. Last quarter, the PLFs collaborated with WI+RE to identify top writing challenges from their experience helping writers at UCLA, and now we’re working on storyboards and scripts. It should be a great series!

New project ideas from Library staff

Library staff from across UCLA have shared a large set of ideas for future projects on everything from using images as evidence, to finding open data sources, to navigating finding aids and searching for primary sources. We’re thrilled with this big collection of new ideas and looking forward to next steps! Get ready to empathy map and make learning outcomes!

Your ideas

What should WI+RE be working on? Let us know! You can visit our contact form, mention us on twitter, and comment on our facebook page! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!!

And, as always, we are ever grateful for the many, many people and campus groups who have contributed to WI+RE, including: Abigail Holder, Adam Bowling, Alana Enriquez, Alexandra Solodkaya, Alicia Reiley, Allison R. Benedetti, Amber West, Amy Liu, Annelie Rugg, Annie Pho, Antonia Osuna-Garcia, April Zhou, Ashley Peterson, Beth Goodhue, Bethany Meyers, Bethany Myers, Caitlin Meyer, Callie Holmes, Caroline Kong, Chris Lopez, Christine Holten, CIMER (Center for the Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research), Courtney Hoffner, Cymfenee Dean-Phifer, Dana Cairns Watson, Diana King, Diana L. King, Diane Mizrachi, DNA Learning Center, Doug Worsham, Dr. Jordan Moberg Parker, Elizabeth Cheney, Emily, Emily Appleton, Erin Sanders, Fernando Gomez, Gavin Jackson, Geno Sanchez, Giselle Burns, Grace Sosa, Hanna Young, Hannah Sutherland, Henri Lim, Ibraheem Ali, Jacelyn Omusi, Jacy Black, Jake Tompkins, Jake Arakawa, Janet Goins, Janine Henri, Jeannie Chen, Jemma Tan, Jen Pierre, Jessica Rauch, Joanna Chen Cham, Joaquin Peres, Juan Jaime, Juan Díaz, Julia Glassman, Julia Tanenbaum, Kaitlin Alcontin, Kaitlin Alcontin, Kate McAllister, Kate Pham, Katherine Kapsidelis, Katherine Ramirez, Kelly Kistner, Kelly Miller, Kian Ravaei, Leigh Harris, Leigh Phan, Lisa McAulay, Liz Galvin Lew, Lizbeth Del Rio Morquecho, Lou Baya Ould Rouis, Maizah Ali, Makena Tinney, Marian Gabra, Marisa Méndez-Brady, Mary Tran, Mason Hardy, Matt Johnson, Matthew Johnson, Matthew Vest, Max Grollman, Maxwell Grollman, Michael Lima-Sabatini, Miki Goral, Miriam Posner, Mohsin Ali, Monique Tudon, monique-tudon, Nadia Brooks, Natalie Selzer, Neha Gupta, Nina Mamikunian, Nisha Mody, Nushrat Esha, Pamela Rodriguez Cervantes, Powell Library, Powell Library Embedded Inquiry Specialists, Rachel Abrahams, Renee Romero, Rikke Ogawa, Robert Freel, Robert Gore, Royson Lin, Salma Abumeeiz, Sarah Phan, Savannah Lake, Scott Martin, Shanna Shaked, Shannon Roux, Shelby Hallman, Shushanik Stepanyan, Simon Lee, Sophia Wu, Syann Lunsford, Sylvia Page, Tama Hasson, Tara Prescott, Taylor Sieverling, Taylor Harper, Thomas Garbelotti, Tierra Sowell, Tony Aponte, UCLA Center for the Advancement of Teaching, UCLA Powell Library, UCLA Undergraduate Research Center - Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, UCLA Undergraduate Research Center - Sciences, UCLA Undergraduate Research Center: Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, UCLA Undergraduate Writing Center, Undergraduate Research Center - Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, Undergraduate Research Centers, University of Minnesota Libraries Research Paper Calculator, Valeria Morales, Veronica Kimaz, Whitney Arnold, Wynn Tranfield, Xinjian Cen, Xinyi(Alex) Yan, Zoe Annabella Busenberg, Zoe Borovsky.

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