Looking for help with research and writing?

These quick and practical tips were collaborively designed by students, faculty, librarians, and academic support staff across the UCLA campus. Let us know your feedback and ideas for future projects.

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Getting Started

Contacting Instructors

Etiquette for contacting instructors over email and in person!

Research Paper Planner

Break down your assigment and stay on top of deadlines with this useful planner!

Start with your Questions

Before you search, start by brainstorming a list of questions.

Get configured

Configure your computer to access the library's many resources.

Getting Started with Research at UCLA

Getting Started with research at UCLA!

Reading Strategies

The way you read will vary depending on what you are reading and what you need to get out of the reading! This resource provides a bank of quick and practical reading strategies that can help you build your own reading strategies toolbox. Pick one...

Finding and Citing Sources

Turn Questions into Keywords

Improve the effectiveness of your searches by generating a variety of keywords.

Find the Right Research Guides

Find the guide that's right for you! UCLA Library staff have put together hundreds of guides for hundreds of subjects, courses, and special topics.

Search Experimentally

Rather than trying to construct one perfect search, plan on trying several experimental searches.

Get Started with Zotero

Learn how to use Zotero, a free and easy citation tool.

Expanding Perspectives in Your Search

Move past your initial search to expand your perspectives and refine your research question.

Finding Scholarly Articles

How to search for and access scholarly articles

Literature Reviews

Find and Use Review Articles

Review articles give you an efficient way to get an overview of a body of research on your topic.

Creating Literature Reviews

Demystify the ever mysterious literature review!

Sharing Your Research

Deconstructing the Elevator Speech

An elevator speech is a great way to introduce yourself and your research to a wide range of audiences.

Research Abstracts

A research abstract is a snapshot of your research project that concisely presents your research and its significance.

Writing with Sources

Integrating Citations

There are many ways to use citations to support an argument.